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Size chart

 Match your body measurements to the size chart below:

AUS 6 AUS 8 AUS 10
AUS 12
AUS 14
AUS 16
Bust 82 cm 87 cm 92 cm 97 cm  102 cm 107 cm
Waist  63 cm 68 cm 73 cm 78 cm 83 cm 88 cm
Seat 88 cm 93 cm 98 cm 103 cm 108 cm 113 cm


How to measure:

  • Measure around bare skin / knickers only.
  • Stand in front of a mirror or if possible, get a friend or lover to help you.
  • Stand straight with feet hip distance apart.
  • Tape measure should be straight (parallel to the floor) at all times.
  • Keep your posture relaxed, don't breathe in or suck in your tummy
  • Repeat: I am Sliving! I love myself!
  • Bust circ: Measure at the fullest part of your bust
  • Waist Circ: Measure around your body at the narrowest part of your torso
  • Seat Circ: Measure around the fullest part of your backside, around to the front of your thighs. This is usually the biggest part of your lower body


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