Oh hi, it’s me -  your friendly neighbourhood blogger. In todays post, I’m serving you ‘My Sweet 16’ realness, featuring double-jointed elbow (sorry about it). 


Many moons ago (like 2012) I had a made-to-measure business in Adelaide and I made a lot of formal dresses for people. There were certain styles that became so popular I felt like I was turning them out every other week, and the most popular by far was the tulle tutu skirt. Tulle had a long, beautiful moment in the sun - I was then, and am now, HERE FOR IT! 


Having made so many tulle skirts in my life, I wanted to revisit an old favourite and ramp up the drama for 2020. I wanted this dress to be really, really big - like, can’t-fit-through-doorways big. Mission accomplished, and now I have a dress so big it won’t fit in my wardrobe. I have nowhere to store it, and nowhere to wear it- this must be the epitome of a non-essential!

I have really enjoyed being able to make non-essentials during this time. Now that I think about it, my entire brand is pretty non-essential. But that’s kind of the whole point - being extra, over the top and showy without a cause. I strongly believe in appreciating beauty as an antidote for the grey everyday. And escaping the monotony feels kind of essential right now. Beautiful clothes help me to see the bright, shiny, sparkly side of life- where we have ample free time and cheap wine, and it’s happy hour every hour, all week long.


This photo was taken at home :)