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Soooo.. things sure have taken a turn since my last post eh?


The other day I put my sneakers on to go to the supermarket and I was struck by how good shoes feel on feet. They are like a hug for your foot that also gives you extra bounce, a pep in your step. I spent a good few minutes jogging around the house, enjoying the first time I’ve worn shoes in days. Is this a side effect of the current situation – is this what it means to appreciate the simple things? Getting excited about sneakers and the opportunity to leave the house (to go grocery shopping)? The effects of covid-19 are very real, serious and heartbreaking, and I expect the repercussions will be felt long into the future – forever changing our way of life.


For a long time I have wondered if my career and life’s work is kind of vain, and generally unhelpful to society. But I have recently been re-affirming my belief that fashion and art are important and helpful and will inevitably prevail through tough times - as people need distraction / hope / entertainment / camaraderie / fabulosity / a daily dose of sequins..


So here’s a pic of me wearing a corset I made in 2013. I had a huge box of old costume jewellery at the time (pretty much my entire adolescent collection), which I broke apart and re-worked, hand sewing each piece onto the finished corset. Many long nights were spent in front of the TV doing this, shoutout to my mum who also chipped in with the hand sewing. It can be a very cathartic activity, as you slowly chip away at your design and lay each piece down one at a time, not seeing the finished result for weeks or months. I highly recommend sewing for anyone stuck at home (I’m thinking of ways I can help people sew online - more on this later).


While we learn to live within our means; to live simply and spend wisely – I will continue to completely over-do it in other ways, to remind us all that even in iso, life is for living and most clothes are better with sequins. Frivolity and silliness and all-out indulgence are more important than ever - and I am more than happy to oblige. Lucky I do all my photoshoots in my living room and my photographer lives with me – I have finally locked him down! I’m looking forward to filling both of our schedules with more and more ridiculous glamour campaign shoots starring yours truly.