After everyone has left the throne room, Oz wonders how on earth he’s going to help Dorothy. He didn’t do anything to actually help the rest of the gang; they just thought he did. Their belief was enough to make the trick work.

I made this dress to wear to a psytrance festival earlier this year. I wanted it to be a little bit ~extra~ (since I planned on doing a lot of realizing stuff and self discovery there, wearing pants would be way too restrictive). Soul searching is hard when you’re low key kinda dramatic and mainly just care about glitter and looking glam and eating everything but also trying to show up at one pilates class a week. I tend to overdress in unfamiliar environments, or when I know I’m going to need some confidence. The bigger the eyeliner, the bigger my problems. Honestly though it works a charm, if you’re insecure or nervous, try blinding everyone with sequins. Not only does it distract them from your personality, it tricks people into thinking that you’re actually really confident. So that was partially what I was doing here- I went for this Mad Hatter X Wizard of Oz vibe, since both stories have this undercurrent of self-discovery and both were (most likely?) written by people tripping balls. At the end of The Wizard of Oz (spoiler alert in case you’re 100 years behind in your reading), the wizard uses placebos to help the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion. Their belief was enough to make the trick work. That basically sums up why I’m so infatuated with fashion. An outfit can transform how you feel, how you see yourself, even how you behave. I feel more confident, excited and way more like myself when I’m wearing something ridic. I want to make stuff that gives other people these super powers too.

the shoes are also such a vibe, but it turns out platforms that high are pretty inconvenient around open countryside – do not recommend (felt great wearing them though, so maybe I do recommend?)