“Perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take is to be seen as we really are” (Cinderella)

I have this weird thing where I’m sometimes a tiny bit scared of my outfits. Like if it’s really over the top or ‘look at me!’ my introvert self is just like    please chill.      But I’ve come to use fear as some kind of benchmark now – if I get a bit nervous to wear it, then I know it’s a ‘me’ outfit, something that is showing my true self. And the fear goes away pretty quick once you embrace it. My true love (passion 4 fashion) is a very public endeavour, & even though most people don’t notice or care, it still feels like you’re in the spotlight when you’re wearing something OTT. And I’m never not over the top. Okay, that’s not true.. Sometimes, when things are tough it’s hard to be glam. I’ve had a lot on recently, and I found myself wearing really boring, ordinary stuff (leggings ily) because I just didn’t want to invite any conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I adore compliments (lol, that Leo life). But sometimes I dress to express ‘don’t look at me’.

I made this dress a long, long time ago. At the time I was making heaps of school formal dresses for clients & the tulle skirt/fitted bodice silhouette was all anyone wanted. This was actually for a client, but they didn’t pay after the dress was finished (that’s another story) so I had to keep it. I used it in a photoshoot to showcase my work back in like 2013 (pics below). She’s been in storage ever since – a pretty blue sleeping beauty <3