I’ve been working on a little collection and I’m trying to figure out my pricing - it’s really hard (so I’m procrastinating by writing this blog lol). I think the value of clothing has become really skewed and it’s confusing for everyone! I could spend an hour making a pattern, then buy fabric, and spend another hour to make a T-Shirt… OR I could buy one from Kmart for $3. So then what’s a T-shirt really worth? 


To me, an item’s worth is how much that piece of clothing can affect your day, your mood or your mindset. If it brings you joy or makes you feel some type of way where you know everything is gonna be ok cause you’re a bad ass bitch who don’t take no shit - well that’s pretty priceless. If it makes you smitten (and what? SICKENING!) well, you can’t put a price on love eh? For real though, I try and focus on making extremely loveable clothes and then work out the cost at the end. It’s definitely not a smart way to work, but I’m a hopeless romantic for fashion and all I really care about is bringing a little sparkle into my corner of the world.


It’s important to me that the things I make are ‘forever pieces’ - to be loved and worn and lived in for a long time, maybe even by lots of different people. I try to design and make clothes that don’t follow trends too closely - things that are beautiful and will always be beautiful. Timeless, forever pieces - things that have that special shiny quality that makes the right person breathless (love at first sight). I made this jacket a long time ago, but it’s still beautiful and I still wear it. Remember, clothes are a long term commitment.