During this crazy time, there are things I am grateful for and there are things that I miss. 

  • I miss seeing people express themselves through dress - I admire the fore-thought and planning that’s involved in an outfit you wear to an event. I like the commitment you make when you leave the house, leaving all other options… (like warmer jackets) behind. I like that you quite literally wear your decisions and it’s up to you to present them with conviction. 

  • I miss seeing people all dressed up with somewhere to go, but I am grateful that people now have the time to express themselves in many other ways!

  • I miss the daily parade of shapes and colours and people’s ideas walking right down the street. But I am grateful for the endless streams of information and inspiration I can look at online without even leaving my couch. 

  • I am mostly grateful for my home. I’m grateful that it is a safe, warm place with everything I need. I know that I am incredibly fortunate to call this home, and I know that there are many people who are not so lucky. So in the spirit of ‘Happy anyway’, I shot this at home with my boyfriend, in my tiny kitchen with the red tiles.

This little frou frou top was the first thing I made in iso (of course, if you ignore the fact that actually nearly everything I’ve ever made has also been made in self-imposed-sewing iso… lol). Exploring my ‘happy anyway’ theme, I was inspired by the curve of a smile, and the perfect round circle of a happy face. I drew lots of circles and smiles together in bunches and groups, and eventually distilled that idea to what you see here. 

I hand-sewed crystals along the hemline, so that when you shimmy she sparkles (this is important criteria for nearly everything I make). This took ages and my fingertips are red raw from doing it. Initially I cbf but I figured, I have the time!! Having the luxury of time has pushed me to do things the long way (the nice way) and to go above and beyond with extra details.


This photo was taken at home ☺