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WOW it’s been a crazy year (I’m sorry I even wrote this, it’s such an over-used & under-stated phrase lol… the equivalent of commenting on the weather to the cashier at coles). It’s hard to even write about this year without a) stating the obvious ‘how hard it’s been’ or b) re-hashing something some-one else already said . But it WAS indeed a crazy year and I’d like to record some of it - so given that this is my blog, I’m going to speak of my personal experience only. 


I’ve missed 2 weddings, a funeral, meeting my brother’s baby for the first time, a trip to Greece, my childhood best friends’ hens, a year in my god-daughter’s life, countless birthdays, ETC. I haven’t seen my family since May, and even then I was only in Adelaide for a funeral & had to quarantine at my mum’s house the entire time. My beautiful collection of clothes have also been in isolation, staying home & collecting dust in my wardrobe. I have things in my long-term storage that haven’t been touched since August 2019!! (Faux) fur coats and fancy jackets - I barely left the house and lived in a black puffer jacket and leggings all season (how dreadfully DRAB). It’s like we just skipped a whole year of wearing nice things because there was nowhere to wear them and no-one to see them.

A lot of it was stressful and lonely, every monotonous day was the same & it was hard not to feel apathetic. I don’t think anyone can really understand what it was like in Melbourne from March - October without having gone through it themselves. 


HOWEVER, this aside - I did enjoy a lot of upsides to this time period. Prior to lockdown I’d always felt like I didn’t have enough time in a day, and suddenly I found myself with endless time & no distractions! I organised all of my patterns and categorised them by style & colour, I started sketching again and working on a visual diary to keep track of my thoughts & ideas. I started meditating, a gratitude journal, and doing yoga in the park. I hand-sequinned my T-shirt collection, and dyed my hair pink. Sure, money was really tight, but I’ve been hoarding fabric since way back so I had plenty of raw materials to work with (plus I liked the challenge). I started sewing every day, turning my piles of fabric into beautiful clothes. It blew my mind a little bit - the way I could start the day with nothing and have a beautiful garment by bedtime. What a magical thing, to create something! I fell back in love with making clothes & remembered all the reasons why I’m so hopelessly devoted to them.


I think coming out of lockdown has made me appreciate people more. I felt the constant support of so many beautiful people I am lucky to call friends, and I was reminded of how important it is to surround yourself with people who shine right back at you. One of my favourite memories of lockdown was a zoom party we had with some great friends who really know how to have fun. I underestimated how much of an effect fancy dress could have on my mood & outlook - it seems trivial but the impact is great. With fashion, I am an all-or-nothing gal, I’m either full steam ahead razzle dazzle or I’m in pyjamas. This was the only time in the entire lock down that I got really dressed up just for the fun of it and it was probably my favourite night of lock down - coincidence?? 


I’m wearing a LOT and really doing the most in this picture; my take on stay-at-home style… I’ll talk you through it:

  • a bodysuit which I heavily hand beaded 15 years ago on a car trip to Byron

  • My fluffy pink robe which I have absolutely lived in this lockdown

  • A divine circle skirt which I bought from Vintage Garage and wore to pitch a few years ago. I can’t find the brand name but I will look & update it here!

  • My under-bust corset which I made ~2 years ago (this is he 2nd feature on my blog)