Rainbow Serpent was cancelled this year & ngl, it broke my heart a little bit. Last year I was like a kid in a candy store… like a newborn really – staring at everyone with googly eyes and occasionally letting slip my continuous internal dialogue - ‘wow’. The bowerbird in me was taking it all in – stocking up on all this beauty and madness, squirrelling it away for the future when I might need it. I spent the entire time admiring everyone’s outfits and vibes and creativity and feeling like I found my tribe. I had so much fun and was so, so inspired. I came home and started madly planning for the next year-excited to rid myself of inhibitions and push myself to create more interesting, beautiful things. 

I wrote my first ever blog post about a rainbow outfit (flower dress here). So it also feels like a bit of a milestone to already be so far into my blog journey. I feel like I’ve grown so much since then – its super corny but I feel like rainbow helped me be more of myself. Anyway - It definitely feels very first world to be upset about a cancelled festival with everything else that’s going on at the moment. So I gtfo and instead channelled my momentum, using all my creative pre-rainbow energy on this shoot in loving memory of rainbow 2019.

I made this dress a little while ago - I had a bunch of gathered tulle I was playing around with while developing the festival sets. I made a base structure and placed the tulle by hand, trying the dress on after every frill to re-assess. At festivals (and also as a general personality trait) I love having my own space and I hate being squashed with a bunch of other people. I had this idea of a dress bigger than me that would encourage or force people to give me space – lol, princess vibes.