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I hand-sequinned ‘HAPPY ANYWAY’ onto this vintage tee I bought in Japan. I wanted to put out a message of self-love, happiness, and believing in yourself regardless of what life throws at you. It’s a simple message and to be honest at first I thought it was a bit boring, a bit obvious. But I grew to love the implication of the phrase, and the way it can be interpreted. I spoke to my neighbour today who told me he is moving out and going back to uni to try something different. To be honest I am contemplating my own future as well – this trying time has given me the space to breathe and to think about what I really want out of life - and whether I am on track to getting it. The idea of making big changes is super scary but I think a lot of people will be in the same boat. In the wise words of RuPaul “If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else!” (I have watched 3 seasons of RuPaul’s drag race in 3 days SEND HELP!)

If you’re feeling a little lost like me, try to take this time as a pause and reflect. Let’s think about the big things that make us happy, and re-orient ourselves in that direction. Let’s also think about the little things that make us happy, and let them become the big things during this time. Lots of stuff sucks rn, let’s try and be happy anyway?

I was actually working on the concept well before covid-19, but it’s kind of perfect to release now since it’s becoming more and more difficult to stay positive and inspired! For the next little while I am going to be designing and making things under this concept, seeing how far I can push myself from the constraints of my own home. 

This photo was taken at home ☺