In this photo I’m wearing a dress I made in 2012, styled with pants from 2015 and a corset from 2018. When I think about the first time I wore this dress it’s crazy to think how long ago that was, and how different my life was then (although the boy is still the same hehehe). But that dress was cute then and is still cute now! I’ve taken care of it all these years and it’s still serving me in 2020! I made the corset to wear to a wedding, and the pants were made by my mum for my 24th birthday. Honestly I rarely throw clothes out, I wear them until they fall apart (which is yet to happen for a lot of them cause sequins are STRONG). I just love what I love, and I will always have room for beautiful well-made things in my wardrobe, no matter how old or off-trend they are. Even all the jewellery I‘m wearing is vintage. This is my dream for pazadz - that one day my coats and dresses will become somebody’s vintage and people will continue to wear and love them well into the future.


I really do believe clothes are a long term commitment - I try very hard to only buy pieces that I will love for longer than a season, a trend, or a phase I’m in. I’ve been wondering what next summer will look like- since so many brands have pushed out deliveries and held back stock, not wanting to deliver new styles in peak pandemic. What will happen to all those clothes that were in the works for 2020? Will the styles still be relevant next summer? Does it matter if we’re collectively all a season behind? Maybe we can look at this as a catalyst for shifting our mindset about fashion.


I love sequins and colour and new clothes, but I really don’t like fads and fast fashion. Buy fabulous clothing that you LOVE, and will continue to love for as long as possible. I think of my own wardrobe as a ‘lifetime collection’, where pieces are added and edited, and each one has a story, a moment in time that adds a unique kind of sparkle - a sweet, nostalgic kind of love. The collection grows slowly over time, each new piece brings different qualities and slightly changes the whole range - the way colours can sometimes look really different when held up next to each other. All of these individual pieces talk to each other, and together they weave a visual representation of the story of my life.